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Construction Projects Achieve Greater Balance with Odoo Odoo

Financial Management

USA Odoo’s financial accounting is rock solid and meets international requirements for auditability, multi-currency, multi-company, and multi-country situations. Any financial system can support building a shed. USA Odoo’s financial tools are built for businesses that are growing with multiple locations resulting in challenging reporting, and require insight.

Materials Control and Inventory

When you need to get control of materials issued to a job, multiple trucks and warehouses, reduce waste, or have material traceability requirements, USA Odoo is the choice for you. USA Odoo is built to deliver powerful controls around materials and inventory, and ensure traceability of issued goods. You will know what materials were utilized on a specific job, which provides better visibility for reducing waste and loss.

Project Management

USA Odoo’s Project Management tools lead the pack for project time and budget tracking, cost analysis, staff scheduling, and reporting. USA Odoo makes it easy to collaborate with other team members, using socially oriented, visual chatter messaging and VOIP. USA Odoo’s simple, effective approach sets the bar for project management and tracking.

Job Cost Tracking

USA Odoo’s job cost tracking is built into Odoo from the ground up. Set budgets easily, and associate tasks and timesheets quickly. Gain accountability and traceability of costs and time, while maintaining flexibility to quickly add new tasks or replan from a previous baseline.

Change Order Management

Customers demand flexibility in construction projects, and contractors need to stay agile. USA Odoo’s change order management tools offer both flexibility and traceability. Quickly address scope changes with trackable signatures, replanned project schedules and budgets, and deliver happiness.


Use USA Odoo’s powerful tools to better estimate project times and budgets.

USA Odoo’s CAD integration and analytic costing tools allow you to create pricing from current BIM or CAD files and historical project data, and create clean, easy-to-use estimates. These tools increase efficiency, reduce mistakes, and help you deliver better estimates more quickly.

Service Management

Connect your field staff to gain the competitive advantages of quick response and flexibility. Your service technicians are connected to other staff, customers, and trouble tickets. Adapt and change your schedule, view current and historical work orders, and better plan your staff’s day. This maximizes efficiency and creating happier customers.

The One Stop Solution for Construction Enterprise Resource Planning

A modern enterprise business platform requires that critical construction applications are integrated seamlessly into one easy-to-use system—Another reason the USA Odoo experts can help you be successful. USA Odoo provides a one-stop solution for construction enterprise resource planning, integrating these components:

  • Construction Accounting
  • Construction Payroll
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Construction Management

  • CRM
  • Job Costing
  • Field Service Management
  • Inventory and Parts Management
  • Human Resources
  • Many more…

The Competitive Advantage with Open Source ERP

USA Odoo customizes and configures to suit your construction company’s needs to drive a competitive advantage while promoting productivity and growth from within.

Whether you want to build best-of-class, integrated ERP capabilities from the ground up, or troubleshoot on your existing construction management system to work out the kinks, our team of ERP technicians work with construction companies to right-size construction management technology and assure best practices.

A division of Open Source Integrators (OSI), USA Odoo helps construction companies drive accurate inventory valuations at each phase of build-out, complex material and labor traceability, product lifecycle management, and managed and outsourced subcontracting. These capabilities are combined into one highly insightful and capable construction forecasting, planning and operational accounting system.

USA Odoo provides decades of experience in Odoo spanning a wide range of industries, including Construction and Utilities, Manufacturing, Direct to Consumer, Engineering-centric, and the Services Sector. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, you can rely on the scalable ERP expertise from USA Odoo around the clock.

USA Odoo is the starting point on your journey to create, build, and maintain a world-class construction ERP system with the right team. Our highly skilled ERP experts are available to configure, build, train, and maintain world-class construction management systems. With USA Odoo, your company will instantly realize the accounting, logistics, data integration, CRM and BPM solutions you’ve been needing.

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