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Expediting Product Delivery Direct to Consumer with Odoo ERP

One of USA Odoo’s customers is a great example of meeting these expectations, by implementing Odoo.

Our customer makes and sells FDA-regulated consumable products to the mass market. They must maintain Certificates of Analysis, manufacturing lot controls, and QA and testing throughout their business in order to meet regulatory needs. At the same time, they want to offer products that are considered leading edge, with a healthy lifestyle image. They have grown exponentially, not by having a complex business model but by having one that utilizes creative, reliable, and innovative methods to introduce products and e-commerce purchasing capability to the growing health-conscious market.


A group of people started their company with a desire to make great products and have fun while designing their own offering in this market.

They saw a gap with low-quality imported products and wanted to provide a high-quality US-based solution. The team was in for a surprise when the business took off rapidly and required a robust business application platform for managing their entire value chain. With the exploding demand, their standard CMS solution was just nowhere close to what they needed. The team was busy managing their exponential growth and needed a better business application solution, quickly. After some research they turned to USA Odoo as the most recommended company in the US to support an Odoo/CMS implementation.

Deep Dive

The kickoff was a deep-dive workshop to analyze business processes, evaluate the suitability of various open source options and get started with basic data migration and implementation.

The workshop analyzed the current and desired business models and identified a plan to optimize operations using Odoo Odoo. The resulting model included a hybrid e-commerce solution where their channel partners would purchase from one website while direct sales customers would utilize a consumer website. USA Odoo’s multi-company configuration made it easy to match their internal, multi-company profile.

Their path followed along USA Odoo’s proven implementation process consisting of these four stages:

USA Odoo configured, customized and integrated Odoo which quickly resulted in quantifiable benefits.

By working together, USA Odoo and the customer followed order management from start to finish in order to ensure that “Perfect Orders” were delivered. Continuous improvement was found and implemented. Odoo’s analytics opened insights into previously hidden business potential and made the growth manageable.

The initial phase included replacement of their current dealer website with Odoo’s e-commerce site which led to a complex system architecture given that the consumer-facing website was still based on the old system. The team prepared to launch a second phase.

Following their proven project methodology, USA Odoo configured a brand-new consumer-facing website using rapid and agile development methodologies. The resulting e-commerce site was optimized for ease of use and simplicity.

Within weeks, USA Odoo’s customer had an operational system that delivered orders exactly the way that end customers were expecting. This system optimized the customer’s experience, and ensured that sales and ordering met the criteria for a “Perfect Order.”

Direct to Customer and Odoo

Meeting the criteria for the Perfect Order and exceeding customer expectations are possible for your company with Odoo Odoo.

Direct-to-Consumer practices with USA Odoo are all about building better awareness of who your customers are, where they live, and what they want. With Odoo capabilities built for e-commerce, your company will have the resources to appropriately segment your product or service.

With our range of business solutions customized to your business and industry, you’re in the right place. USA Odoo was created to provide open source accounting, CRM, e-commerce platform, and logistic integration including real-time big data and business process improvements leading the way.

In addition to our decades of Direct-to Consumer experience, USA Odoo’s proficiency spans other industries including the Service Sector, Construction and Utilities, Manufacturing, and Engineering-Centric. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, USA Odoo provides scalable ERP expertise around the clock. Our highly skilled ERP experts configure, build, train, and maintain world-class, direct-to-consumer systems.

Contact us to begin the journey of creating and maintaining a world-class ERP system with USA Odoo.

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