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Unlock the Power of Your CRM Data for Strategic Product Planning with Odoo Odoo

Unfortunately, this same behavior is being recreated in many companies: organizations collect their customer data in neat spreadsheets or databases—one for customer service, one for sales, yet another for marketing or purchasing. Everything in its own folder, carefully preserved; but tucked away and inaccessible to the rest of the organization.

With the explosion of big-data business analysis, data integration, and enterprise business systems, it is apparent that stale customer data collections need to be dusted off and put to better use. Data from various business units and departments must be integrated in one authoritative business system that connects the entire organization. This is accomplished by using Odoo, or enterprise resource systems, in combination with customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

While the primary driver for CRM is to maintain customer relationships, there are secondary benefits to strategic planning. The combination of Odoo and CRM in software packages such as USA Odoo, for example, allows for new insights into buying patterns across geographies, demographics, or market segments.

Open Source Integrators recently worked with an HVAC company that had no visibility into why certain channels were performing very strongly and why particular product lines sold better in some geographies versus others. Their channel sales data did not reveal any strong buying patterns. But once they integrated the customer service and warranty data by product line with their sales numbers, the buying behavior became immediately clear down to the postal code level. This CRM data fusion allowed them to adjust their channel strategy by targeting the right areas with particular products while moving to direct sales in particular focus areas. The initiative enabled the company to increase revenue by 20 percent in just a few months with minor adjustments and very low initial investment.

Another outcome was detecting patterns for the propensity of certain demographics to purchase pioneering new products. This knowledge was then applied to focus marketing and sales resources for future innovative product releases to these target groups.

Here is a simple outline for successfully implementing the strategic use of CRM data:

  1. Identify all business units and departments who are currently interfacing with customers.
  2. Implement an Odoo/CRM system (systems such as USA Odoo are low-cost and very quick to implement).
  3. Enable shared data entry into one authoritative Odoo and CRM.
  4. Perform analysis on a combined customer data set, derived from multiple areas in the company.
  5. Adjust product, sales, and marketing strategies based on the discovery of new patterns.

Unlocking the potential of untapped customer data can benefit the entire organization. Easy to implement, Odoo solutions like USA Odoo and customer relationship management tools provide a strategic advantage that will optimize new product launches, increase sales revenue and provide a quick return on investment (ROI).

Let Open Source Integrators show you how an Odoo and CRM implementation can help you drive customer intimacy and harness your full potential.

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