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Thought Leader Reveals Odoo Accounting Best Practices in “Financial Accounting with Odoo"

Filling the Knowledge Gap

One of Odoo’s biggest strengths can be found in its comprehensive, and tightly coupled accounting system. Shortly after joining the Odoo community four years ago, OSI recognized the need to extend this quality and thoroughness to the software documentation. In particular, Odoo needed a quality English language documentation for the US community. As OSI gained implementation skills and knowledge through experience, we hoped another experienced partner, or Odoo itself, would build documentation to educate the community and fill this gap. In the absence of this, OSI has taken the lead in this effort — as we hoped others would do — in order to give back to the community and share the expertise we’ve gained from the support and partnerships of countless US Odoo users.

Open Source Integrators has been called upon by a number of businesses using Odoo to improve their accounting systems. Often, we found that companies lacked knowledge in standard accounting practices, Odoo accounting setup, or both. The result of this knowledge gap repeatedly led to inaccurate data and/or ineffective configurations of the Odoo accounting modules. This was not surprising, given the lack of documentation in place to support this functional area.

Producing Industry Best Practices

In each of these cases, OSI constructively engaged the individual team members involved to clean up inaccurate data and re-configure the set-up of the accounting modules. The result for each company was an accurate, functioning system which generated meaningful information for decision makers. Each situation provided a new learning experience for all involved, and each engagement had some impact on the knowledge conveyed in “Financial Accounting with Odoo.”

Odoo has built a thorough, accurate, and high-quality accounting system with specialized modules for localization in the US. In our experience, getting this foundational Accounting software set up correctly is the key to success for the entire project.

A Step-by-Step Approach

In “Financial Accounting with Odoo,” Open Source Integrators, with its USA Odoo division, addresses setup and operations with a step by step approach starting with initial system setup and continuing through closing and reporting procedures. Following this approach, you will learn to configure Odoo ERP to produce accurate and complete results.

Solutions from USA Odoo: Driving Accounting-centric Odoo ERP Software Integration

The accounting integration from USA Odoo empowers real-time accounting valuations and deeper reporting on costs and revenues for both upstream and downstream operations. Companies can integrate their accounting systems into an interconnected nerve system to increase reliability of their numbers, efficiency of their operations, and quality of their output. USA Odoo’s best-of-class financial accounting Odoo solutions will help companies create one true picture of their entire business operation. With the right accounting-centric Odoo Open Source ERP software capability, the challenge of defining key demographics will become simple.

“This book fills an important gap for Odoo users. Ursa’s work to document best practices for Accounting will help companies gain accurate and complete results.”—Fabien Pinckaers, CEO, Odoo SA

About USA Odoo

As a top Odoo open source software integrator in the US, USA Odoo provides enterprise Odoo integration customers with a unique combination of open source business process consulting and turnkey implementation. As an Odoo Gold partner, we help your enterprise synchronize and integrate manufacturing as well as e-commerce, including the aggregation of processes and decentralized and/or independent systems. Our veteran team of Odoo ERP consultants works hands on with your team to help drive your ability to connect your organization end to end with accounting, customer, and big-data-driven centricity.

USA Odoo was created to provide Odoo-powered open source accounting, CRM, e-commerce platform, and logistic integration including real-time big data and business process improvements leading the way. Our Odoo open source software consultants work personally with each of our clients to analyze the challenges facing their operations, unleash the power of their data, and achieve their specific competitive advantage and ROI business goals.

For greater insight into Odoo ERP Accounting best practices, order your copy of Financial Accounting with Odoo.

Visit USA Odoo and Open Source Integrators to see what we mean about “Open Source Done Right” and how we can help your company scale with harmony.

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