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Odoo ERP Aligns E-Commerce Operations with Customer Experiences

Responding to What Customers Want

There are websites and then there are e-commerce sites. E-Commerce at the next level starts with a robust CMS or platform solution scaled to your company’s needs. With the right integrator, Odoo ERP helps deliver exactly what your customers want, quickly and efficiently. Improve your Time-to-Market with accounting-centric Odoo Open Source ERP solutions that extend and optimize your e-commerce platform.

Website Up and Running – Fast

If you are using USA Odoo as your ERP, you can setup your customer’s shopping experience using existing product details and price lists. If you are new to Odoo, you can simply import a list of products you want to sell and use one of the many templates to set up your e-commerce site.

Customized Templates

USA Odoo comes with a number of templates that enables you to select the style that fits your business best. Each template includes additional building blocks and snippets to expand and configure your pages with tools such as headlines, menus, backgrounds, etc.

For those who would like to go even deeper and customize your customer’s experience, USA Odoo offers the ability for web designers to change pages by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as additional tools that can be downloaded from the ever-growing Odoo app store.

Sales and CRM

USA Odoo includes dashboards with to-do lists to ensure no sales action is dropped accidentally. Customers who abandon their carts can be reached via recovery emails – a powerful tool to follow up on interested customers, and generate greater revenue and customer satisfaction. Customer information can be automatically captured in your Odoo CRM module for target mailing or emailing.

USA Odoo’s dashboards will show you your best-sellers, number of orders, revenue generated, incomplete carts as well as your conversion rate – all with a single glance.

Odoo also supports the selling of subscriptions as well as download of digital content. You can share coupons, provide discounts or gifts – no matter what you are selling, Odoo’s e-commerce site is your gateway to reaching new customers.

Customer Experience

USA Odoo’s e-commerce solution is designed around usability. The pages are configured for intuitional ease of use. Your customers can access your site from anywhere using pages optimized for mobile devices and desktop use.

Customer experience includes wish lists, product suggestions, product comparisons, and inventory availability information. You can use product catalogs to streamline your customers’ buying experience.

Odoo offers multiple out-of-the-box integrated payment gateways for credit cards, PayPal, and other third party payment companies.

SEO and Google Analytics

USA Odoo will help you ensure your products and services are high-ranked in web searches and customers find the way to your e-commerce site.

Odoo includes tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can be configured for each page on your new site. This will increase traffic and revenue.

You can measure the success of your pages by using Google Analytics, which will show how many visitors you’ve had on your site.

A/B Testing to Create Multiple Versions of Your Website

Testing of new websites is essential for an effective and reliable web experience. Setting up websites for testing can be difficult when you have to integrate with multiple sources and systems. Odoo makes this very simple with the availability of A/B testing; you can create multiple versions of your site and release the improved pages to production when you are ready.

Integration with Sales, Accounting, and Warehouse Management

USA Odoo is a complete enterprise platform. This means you will not have to worry about connectors between your inventory, sales, accounting, and e-commerce website. The integration is already done.

Price lists and warehouse inventory available in Odoo’s ERP will also be accessible on the e-commerce side. You can set up your taxes with a few clicks directly on the e-commerce site without the need to go through accounting tools.

USA Odoo’s e-commerce site allows you to set up shipping options such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Sale via website will automatically generate sales orders, delivery orders, and necessary accounting entries.

With warehouse integration, you can show your customers what you have in stock, without over-promising your delivery capabilities.

Odoo has been a trusted platform for business applications in Accounting, Human Resources, and E-Commerce for many years. Because Odoo is based on contributions from thousands of developers, it is one of the most secure systems in which to conduct business.

All Odoo modules are part of the same system. Having all functions under one roof (enterprise platform) means fewer illegal entries through unsecured doors (API’s, gateways, etc.).

E-Commerce Solutions by the Top Odoo Open Source Software Integrator in the US

USA Odoo provides enterprise Odoo integration customers with a unique combination of open source business process consulting and turnkey implementation. As an Odoo Gold partner, we help your enterprise synchronize and integrate manufacturing as well as e-commerce, including the aggregation of processes and decentralized and/or independent systems. Our veteran team of Odoo ERP consultants works hands on with your team to help drive your ability to connect your organization end to end with accounting, customer, and big-data-driven centricity.

USA Odoo was created to provide Odoo-powered open source accounting, CRM, e-commerce platform, and logistic integration including real-time big data and business process improvements leading the way. Our Odoo open source software consultants work personally with each of our clients to analyze the challenges facing their operations, unleash the power of their data, and achieve their specific competitive advantage and ROI business goals.

USA Odoo, a division of Open Source Integrators (OSI), provides decades of experience in e-commerce business solutions customized to a wide range of industries, from Manufacturing to Construction and Utilities, Direct to Consumer, Engineering-Centric, and the Service Sector. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, you can rely on the scalable ERP expertise from USA Odoo around the clock.

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