Women in Technology
Insights from Technology Leaders at Open Source Integrators

Supporting Diversity and Growth

Open Source Integrators (OSI) is extremely proud of the influence women have had on our company. We think that this perspective is part of our competitive advantage and underscores the value of working with us.

Women in Technology
Special thanks to: Jennifer Campbell, Serena Cyr, Ana Juaristi Olalde, Ronda Mader, Valerie Cimarossa, Karla Aragon-Joyce

Greg Mader, President of Open Source Integrators, shares insights on the example in his own life that helped to shape OSI’s foundation:

“The first woman leader in technology that I knew was Marion Mader, co-owner of Audio Systems, Inc. She taught me how to wire transformers to give the correct output, yelled at me about bad soldering joints, and bought me all of the caffeinated beverages a third grader in the 1970s could handle. She was a self-taught electronics technician, purchasing manager, finance director, and business executive. She pioneered work/life balance in the 1950s with four highly energetic boys, who she promptly put to work in the business where they all flourished into engineering and management professionals under her tutelage.

“OSI’s values and operations are deeply rooted in the lessons and gifts from Marion and other women who took risks, rose to challenges, and brought leadership to their teams.

“Our mission of delivering empowering, transformational technology solutions to enterprises comes from their examples and leadership. We listen actively, and try to solve the human concerns and challenges as well. We explicitly try to deliver open, fair, and flexible solutions to our customers. We help companies build a competitive advantage that is distinctive and remarkable.”

Greg Mader
President | Open Source Integrators

Women in Tech

3.5 million

Number of U.S. computing-related job openings expected by 2026


of 2016 bachelor’s degree recipients were women


U.S. Female Workforce
Women are powerful and effective in technology.
A vast array of opportunities are available for them not only to pursue this field but also lead it. Let’s increase these numbers by inspiring more girls and women to pursue STEM careers and shattering the glass ceilings holding them back.


of 2016 Computer Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients were women


of 2016 Computer Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients at major research universities were women


decrease in women with Computer Sciences bachelor’s degree recipients since 1985
Women and Information Technology by the Numbers. (2018, April 04). Retrieved May 05, 2018, from here.

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