Odoo Financial Accounting #1 Selling Book - 3rd Edition

Operate and configure Odoo’s ERP confidently with this “must have” Odoo accounting book for any successful Odoo Implementation team or project. This foundational book, Financial Accounting with Odoo, now on its third edition, has become the bible of the Open ERP accounting configuration industry, and is the most complete Odoo accounting guide for users.

Financial Accounting With Odoo

The book is written in the style of a guide and supports you hand in hand, with a simple cadence and step-by-step process through the configuring and running of the Odoo Accounting Module. Financial Accounting with Odoo takes the mystery out of the critical aspects of initial set up by providing a detailed and simplified approach to learning and becoming comfortable with Odoo accounting configurations. Starting with initial system setup and continuing through closing, reporting, and predictive accounting procedures, the book covers it all from A to Z.

Greg Mader, Odoo’s top USA Consultant, has created the book from the experience of hundreds of Open ERP accounting “rescue missions,” optimizations and corporate transformations with the Odoo software. Readers of this Odoo accounting book learn to configure Odoo’s Open ERP accounting module to produce accurate and complete results… the first time.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Financial Accounting with Odoo:

  • 1.   Learn everything you need to know about Odoo Version 11. The 3rd edition of Financial Accounting with Odoo includes information on the new features and functionalities of the latest version of Odoo.
  • 2.   Improve your inventory costing methods. The 3rd edition of Financial Accounting with Odoo will give you a clear picture of your inventory costing options and includes realistic examples of Average Costing, Standard Costing, FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO.
  • 3.   Empower your leaders to make better strategic enterprise decisions with Analytic Accounting. The 3rd edition of Financial Accounting with Odoo now includes an entire section on how to effectively use the Analytic Accounting feature of Odoo.
  • 4.   Regain control of budgeting in your business. The 3rd edition of Financial Accounting with Odoo shows you how you can manage budgets with Odoo's Analytic Accounting feature.
  • 5.   Discover if it's the right time to implement an Open ERP solution with Odoo. The 3rd edition of Financial Accounting with Odoo sheds new light on best practices for transitioning old or disparate systems into a new and unified system.
Financial Accounting With Odoo Book Image
This book will help financial professionals understand how to best implement Odoo, using Open Source Integrators’ expert knowledge. It is very easy to follow, and helps answer most common questions."— Dr. Mary Im
Odoo is a really great tool for finance teams. We used this book to help us with our configuration and implementation. As an executive sponsor and principal advisor on many system implementations, I’m happy to offer help to others as a reviewer of this book."— Anthony Sansone

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Author Greg Mader
Financial Accounting with Odoo author, Greg Mader

More About the Odoo Expert Who Authored the Book

Greg Mader has been a real-time accounting leader and industry innovator within the Open Source ERP sector for more than 25 years. His experience includes BPM/BPO, CRM, ecommerce, data integration, accounting, logistics and end to end manufacturing. He holds two master’s degrees: a master’s in geography from South Dakota State University, and a master’s in computer science from the University of Chicago. In his early years, Greg Mader invested much of his career implementing and coordinating real time enterprise technology suites, technology and integration consulting, and database management for the government, military and commercial organizations.

In 2012, Greg founded Ursa Information Systems, and after considerable growth and driven by industry convergence, changed the name to Open Source Integrators (OSI) and created three other specific divisions (USAodoo.com, HadoopIntegrators.com, and MagentoIntegrators.com) to more specifically address the needs of the changing and growing Open ERP industry. Open Source Integrators was the first Odoo Gold Partner in North America and Partner of the Year for the Americas. OSI focuses on helping businesses reduce risk and achieve their business goals by leveraging Odoo ERP and other complementary Open ERP technologies.

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