Pragmatic forecasting and analysis

With advanced forecasting tools, you'll have access to time series algorithms that analyze demand history and generate a baseline forecast for the future. As a result, Odoo forecasting tunes and evaluates several potential plans of action, automatically selecting the best approach with the lowest forecast error.

Topdown computation
Topdown computation

You’ll have access to tools equipped with topdown evaluation, giving insight based on sales forecasting as it relates to supply chain, manufacturing, and staffing.

Rolled up over all forecasts
Rolled up over all forecasts

Or, instead of topdown evaluation, these tools can also be configured to deliver rolled up over all forecasts, as they relate to manufacturing, sales, or other supply chain constraints.    

Your benefit
Your benefit

For nimble and practical forecasting, you can simulate various versions of your situation throughout time, ranging from best case scenario to worst while also factoring in predictions of upcoming constraints.  

"We now have one version of the truth. It’s eliminated confusion, saving us precious time and resources."

Nick Burdick, Business Systems Leader at Progressive Sealing

As a leading provider of industrial sealing applications, it’s important that Progressive Sealing is able to tap into clearcut sales forecasts. That's why a big part of their ERP integration focuses on ensuring accurate forecasts that lead to a firm grip on sales, inventory, purchasing, reducing waste, and more. 

Share your forecasting goals

The role of decoupling in advanced forecasting

A key reason advanced Odoo forecasting tools are able to do more sophisticated predictions is due to decoupling, involving dampening variability and optimizing for delivery and lead times. Other important results of decoupling include:

Optimized safety stock

Experience safety stock optimization based on forecasted demand, derived from market history with predicted variability included. And not without considering customer requested service level and supply lead time variability.

Improved replenishment

With an economic ordering approach that considers forecasted demand, inventory holding costs, order and shipping processing costs, as well as product and manufacturing costs, you'll find streamlined replenishment processes that work with clarity and precision. 

Your forecasting outcomes

Manage safety and replenishment stock from end to end. Own complete visibility of raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods, at all warehouse and distribution locations. 

Why you’ll love working with us

We take care to outline the rich modeling and forecasting tools available in Odoo, which is why partnering with USA Odoo (an OSI company) is a choice that stands apart. With optimized algorithms and unencumbered operations, your company will flourish as seasonal patterns are recognized and addressed by state-of-the-art strategies you create—into the future and on time. 

How we know we’ll love working with you

If you’re interested in open source integration, then that means you’ll have an open mind throughout the process, and that’s just the kind of partner we’re interested in. Plus, watching Odoo do its magic for companies both big and small is one of the reasons we’re in this service. We take pleasure in making sure your outcomes meet those promised at the beginning of this page: Tangible forecasting for an actionable future