CRM that works with you

These days, customers do more research before a purchase, comparing all offers against a number of factors, including: Product information, social validation, inventory/availability, competitive pricing, easy returns, and convenient deliveries/fulfillment. However, it’s become apparent that standalone CRMs have a hard time providing helpful information to those who are ready to buy. This is where Odoo comes in.


Odoo CRM supplies direct marketers with the advantage of automation, conveniently tied to supply chain, inventory, and all other business operations.

Superior technology
Superior technology

Automatically create leads from Email, VOIP, and e-commerce sources. Access automated lead nurturing and scoring tools to spearhead opportunities and turn them into sales. Additionally, Odoo also provides GeoIP and Deduplication tools, bridging relational gaps to support a human connection with your customers.

Unified architecture
Unified architecture

Funnel all leads/opportunities into a single image of your customer, where e-commerce sales, Inside sales, and Point of Sales (POS) customers are a conveniently captured and managed. Know your customer whether they buy in person, over the phone, through e-commerce, or from an integrated sales channel.

Realtime reporting
Realtime reporting

Odoo’s realtime reporting and dashboard capability helps you and your staff measure what works and what doesn’t—and in a timely fashion. Quickly bring products to market and come to terms with how to improve your sales efforts over time.

"Don’t limit yourself to the functions of today—we chose Odoo to allow us to grow. You can make it do whatever you need—we wanted freedom and flexibility."

Mellisa Mack, Vice President of Operations at Pharmore Ingredients

As a nationally connected quality control tester of dietary supplement and food ingredients, it’s vital that Pharmore Ingredients’ customer relationships are well managed. With Odoo’s CRM capabilities, Pharmore runs a system that serves as a redeeming interface for keeping pace with the ever-evolving world, fostering growth and freedom in the way they conduct business. 

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Odoo’s CRM and Marketing Automation Software tools are fundamentally refined

From the Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning platform, Odoo offers online omnichannel engagement through email, SMS, marketplaces, and direct E-commerce built in. Create richer campaigns and lead nurturing in marketing by giving your customers realtime insight into lead times, inventory, and pricing. Odoo offers: 

Seamless, co-functioning CRM and ERP

CRM was built into Odoo from the beginning—it's not a bolt-on or integration. Within your entire sales to delivery journey, your customer information is current and accurate.

Powerful marketing automation

Propel direct, omnichannel action. Customers receive key product insights, spurring purchasing that is based on a clearly communicated and trusted offer. 

View customer records in one system

All quotes, billing, deliveries, and support are available to your team from one application. Material traceability,  RMAs, and other complex situations are managed easily and accurately.  


See forecasting and realtime sales, including e-commerce and integrated sales channels. Your team can manage forecasts, quotas, and commissions as they happen, and make rewards or adjustments as needed.  

Analytic CRM reporting tools

Reporting tools (with included exports to spreadsheets) provide actionable insights, lead tracking and scoring, and  Key Performance Indicators—all for increased sales and better marketing.


Address industry needs and sharpen your competitive edge by customizing customer lifecycle, workflow automation, messaging, and campaigns. 

Optimize to your needs

With Odoo, you can make specific optimizations in Field Services Management (FSM), Dispatching, and Make to Order manufacturing.

Let's optimize

As part of the sales cycle, Odoo’s CRM offers:

E-Signature for signing contracts
Integral accounting and invoicing
Mass marketing and lead scoring
Channel management and customer loyalty programs
Integration with common e-commerce platforms
Avalara sales tax collections
Integration with VOIP telephones, Email marketing, SMS, and Live Chat
Mobility: Access to Odoo’s CRM on the go
Integrate sales team activities with fulfillment, services, retention, and more

Why you'll love working with us

We want to implement a system that works for you, which is exactly the same sort of CRM ethic we want to help you bring to your own customers. We promise that your implementation experience will bring an Odoo ERP platform that foregrounds your company’s value, with a streamlined and efficacious system that irons out functional kinks and gives back to the company it’s working for.

How we know we'll love working with you

The keystone of our process works to build lasting relationships with clients. We’re not as interested in a quick and cold transaction as we are in collaborating on an implementation process that teaches and provides for both of us. If you’re interested in open source integration, then that means you’ll have an open mind throughout the process, and that’s just the kind of thing we’re interested in.