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Manufacturing's Complexity is Simplified with Odoo ERP

Process Manufacturing

USA Odoo has provided solutions for companies with food or FDA-regulated materials manufacturing or processing. From building master formulas, creating and tracking certificates of analysis, and providing “capability to make” wizards, USA Odoo has tackled the challenges associated with Process Manufacturers.

Material Traceability

Not everybody needs to track lots, serial numbers, production date codes, or revisions. For products that do, however, USA Odoo provides the leading solution. Our approach is to understand the goals and regulations that may govern your business decision. Food, utilities, transportation, medical equipment, and other highly regulated products may need to track the entire “Source to Sales” chain.

Other companies may need simple serial number tracking for return management, loss prevention, and marketing information. These companies usually operate in volumes where they also want sophisticated bar code scanning, or other automatic data collection gear, to manage large shipping volumes.

Finally, there are products that require “in transit” tracking, with geo fencing and high visibility stand monitoring during transportation and storage. USA Odoo is highly experienced with these situations and can offer solutions that fit your needs.

Finite Capacity Planning

Finite capacity planning and scheduling create production plans that reflect the real capacity of your ability to make or sell products. Resources such as staff time, machine tools, storage areas, loading docks, or any other constraining factors in your system are all included.

At a basic level, it is easy to determine your capacity. Some equipment runs at a set speed, and the number of widgets per hour can be figured out.

Most manufacturers have to cope with the number of operators, stations, waste, and sales forecasts, making this a much more complicated task.

USA Odoo’s solution is to use finite capacity planning tools that can more accurately plan manufacturing capacity, based on your situation, with your constraints. Where you are currently planning manufacturing with a “magic spreadsheet,” we can replace this artifact with solid, more realistic facts, and solutions for getting the most out of your team and facility.

Make to Order Manufacturing

Make to Order manufacturing promises higher customer satisfaction and fit, with lower waste and better utilization—if it’s done right.

USA Odoo’s solutions for Make to Order products have been used by manufacturers ranging from industrial computer manufacturers to racing car companies. Our solution manages product configurations, variants and revisions, and changes to labor and material forecasting, based on “just-in-time” manufacturing orders.

USA Odoo Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing are Recognized Nationwide

USA Odoo’s capabilities in providing Advanced Manufacturing solutions is why we have been recognized by economic development leaders and companies across the US. USA Odoo’s roots started in a small electronics manufacturing company over 40 years ago, and we continue to innovate and offer value to our customers in this market. We paved the path for Odoo for manufacturing in the US – from Advanced to Process to Make to Order.

USA Odoo provides decades of experience in Odoo spanning a wide range of industries, including Manufacturing, Direct to Consumer, Engineering-centric, Construction and Utilities, and the Services Sector. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, you can rely on round-the-clock Odoo expertise that’s scalable to fit your needs.

Deep product and materials traceability. Accurate inventory valuations at each step. Product lifecycle management and managed contract and outsourced manufacturing, including make-to-order or highly customized creation of products in real-time. USA Odoo synchronizes all of these coveted capabilities into one highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting system. Plus we, do it with a range of solutions that are scalable to each manufacturing company’s needs for improvements in and better integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM), e-commerce, data integration, accounting, and logistics.

With the right ERP software capability, the challenge of managing customized products to gain productivity and efficiency becomes simple. Open Source ERP empowers your company and paves the road to profitability. With Odoo capabilities, your company will instantly realize higher margins, less waste, and better customer experiences.

Our highly skilled ERP experts configure, build, train and maintain world-class direct-to-consumer systems. A partnership with USA Odoo will drive insight, profitability and flexibility to help your company reach its full destiny and become a market leader.

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