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Successful E-Commerce B2C Targets Individual Needs with Odoo Odoo

An E-Commerce Case Study

One of our customers is a start-up, make-to-order company in the highly competitive food business. They had built the infrastructure to prepare and deliver their products, and “soft launched” their offering in one of the biggest cities in the world. The customer’s leadership team was extremely experienced in providing goods and services to the luxury market, and wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition.

USA Odoo began this project by analyzing our customer’s goals and the goals of their target customers.

USA Odoo worked with the customer to identify key market segmentation, and analyze how the target segments currently purchase and consume food. The customer’s COO noticed key insights that helped them tweak their service geography and customer promise.

This company’s special offering was a highly customizable experience that created meals exactly tailored to the customer’s needs.

USA Odoo worked with the company’s leadership team to optimize their processes. The tight integration between e-commerce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), including inventory and dynamic BOM (Bill of Material) management, made Odoo the perfect business management platform to seamlessly link e-commerce and ERP.

Key to Success

The key to the success of this project was the proper understanding of the value offered to the customer.

We utilized a customer survey to capture personalized body metrics, in combination with a formula to calculate the nutrition mix. The final, custom product was added to the cart and all ingredients linked to the appropriate BOMs.

Once the customer checks out via the shopping cart, payment was made using a variety of available payment methods.

The end customer’s purchase triggered a number of actions and events inside Odoo:

  1. A sales order was generated and a manufacturing order that included exact BOM instructions for the manufacturing team to execute.
  2. The warehouse and delivery team received an automated delivery order that showed availability for delivery as soon as production was completed. Deliveries happened during our scheduled delivery time, ensuring that the customer promise was kept.
  3. Raw goods and materials were reordered economically, ensuring costs were controlled.

The Result

Customers are delighted by the value and convenience of receiving freshly prepared food that is exactly what they want. The company was able to make this happen by creating a well-tuned sales and manufacturing process. Leveraging the power of USA Odoo made a highly complex process fast and scalable. This is one of many examples of how Odoo E-Commerce has become another powerful member in the Odoo module family. As a result of the popularity, the open source community now offers additional add-on applications for further customization.

What USA Odoo Can Do for You

Odoo E-Commerce is a solution that surpasses others because of its integration capabilities and flexibility. It gives your business the ability to scale at low cost. With its analytical tools it provides fast return on investment (ROI) and its amazing e-commerce features improve your customer satisfaction and competitive strength.

USA Odoo was created to provide open source accounting, CRM, e-commerce platform, and logistic integration including real-time big data and business process improvements leading the way. Direct-to-Consumer practices with USA Odoo are all about building better awareness of who your customers are, where they live, and what they want. With Odoo capabilities built for e-commerce, your company will have the resources to appropriately segment your product or service.

In addition to our decades of Direct-to-Consumer experience, USA Odoo’s proficiency spans other industries including the Service Sector, Construction and Utilities, Manufacturing, and Engineering-Centric. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, USA Odoo provides scalable ERP expertise around the clock. Our highly skilled ERP experts configure, build, train, and maintain world-class, direct-to-consumer systems.

Do you want to improve and target your B2C? With our range of business solutions customized to your business and industry, you’re in the right place. Continue exploring our website, or contact us to begin the discovery process.

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